Ensure safety when using electricity

Ensure safety when using electricity

According to the Department of Industrial Safety and Environmental Technology, Ministry of Industry and Trade, every year, about 400 to 500 electrical accidents occur, resulting in 350 to 400 deaths and hundreds of injuries. 70% of the accidents are caused by unsafe in the process of using electricity at home, daily activities …

It is a fact that at present, the units in charge of electricity supply (the Electricity sector) mainly care about safety from the grid to the circuit breaker or the main circuit breaker, while inside the household, the electrical system questions and use arbitrarily, there is no specific guidance of the professional agencies. Many rural areas, remote areas, electric poles are utilized by trees or taking advantage of terrain and terrain to hook electricity; cables and wires are also used by cheap and processed materials so it is very dangerous and prone to fire.

Also, due to lack of knowledge and advice when designing houses, designers only pay attention to grounding, lightning protection, not the safety grounding system for indoor electrical equipment. Therefore, when the leakage occurs, the possibility of users being electrocuted is very high. Another noteworthy point is that usually when producing electrical equipment, manufacturers warn and make notes on the power cord, on the plug, making 3-pin drives, in cables with 3 wires, in addition to 2 wires. The source also has a third yellow-green wire, which is the ground wire against electric leakage. But users do not care much, sometimes using a third foot cutter to connect with green gold wire to easily plug into the 2-hole drive in the house. This creates the risk of electric shock when using electrical equipment.


Not only related to the installation of electrical systems, according to experts, the group of household appliances that are likely to cause leakage, but high electric fires are irons, electric cookers, electric ovens, electric kettles, and electric cookers. The general principle of operation of this group of devices is to use resistors to heat directly or indirectly, so the risk of electrical leakage is very high if the manufacturer uses unqualified materials. or improperly assembled.

For example, the use of poor quality raw materials, improperly assembled assemblies will touch the wall of the cover, or the thermostat causes a short circuit, the conductor uses poor quality plastic casing, which is not technically correct. sub-standards easily lead to overload which can cause heat, melting, and short circuits. Besides, due to use in high heat environments, components prone to aging, rust also lead to electric shocks. All kinds of electric cookers, electric hot pots, ovens, and microwaves are all made of metal, if electricity leaks, it will quickly impact users. On the market today also sells many types of super speed water heater, it only takes about 3 minutes to boil water. Because this type of battery has a large capacity of up to 2,000W, so if the socket or cord is not of good quality, it will cause a short circuit.

According to Mr. Luong Van Phan, Deputy Director of Vietnam Quality Standards Institute, to ensure the safety of electrical equipment, to implement the national technical regulation on safety for electrical and electronic equipment, as prescribed. In Circular No. 21/2009 / TT-BKHCN of the Ministry of Science and Technology, from June 1, 2010, 6 types of electrical and electronic equipment (including: instantaneous electric water heater, appliances) electric water heater and hot water tank, hairdryer and other hairdressing tools, kettles, rice cookers, electric fans) before being circulated on the market, must be certified the regulation conformity and CR.

Mr. Phan also said that to prevent electrical problems, it is necessary to follow steps such as electrical conductors in the house must be of good quality insulated, the size of electric wires must be chosen so that they are possible. The current is applied to the electrical tools it provides, it is forbidden to use small-sized electrical conductors on power tools with a capacity too high to avoid a fire. Besides, when designing a home, homeowners should request a safe grounding system for electrical equipment, depending on the area and number of devices that have their design.

Indoor sockets should use a 3-hole type, with a grounded safety hole in the 3rd hole. Also, check all electrical plugs and cords in the house regularly. Repair exposed connections, never leave wires lying on carpets and floors. Do not nail the wall near the wall socket. Carefully cover household electrical appliances with metal. Avoid overloading, do not plug into the wall socket more than the number of plugs it can safely withstand …

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