Lavie factory - Long An

La Vie decided to invest 6 million $ to install a new production line for the factory in Long An. This line is equipped with the most advanced technology from Europe, yielding twice the current production line with 18,000 bottles/hour for retail bottles and 1,000 bottles/hour for 20-liter bottles, including process. Rinse and sterilize bottles. The technology of La Vie LCC is supported by modern machinery, natural mineral water exploited from natural sources or bore wells from underground water vessels deep in the ground, filtered through many geological layers. rich in minerals, bottled at modern technology sources and fully automated without any chemical treatment. This helps La Vie retain stable mineral salt content, as well as other trace elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Bicarbonate, etc.

In addition to using the most advanced machinery technology in the bottled water industry, La Vie Vietnam is also manufactured under the quality supervision of Nestlé Waters Group – the world’s largest bottled drinking water group. 72 brands in over 130 countries with a huge market share in Asia and the world.

Each month, the product samples are checked for quality in France and the Pasteur Institute and twice a year, the La Vie factory is tested for quality by the Nestlé Waters Group to assess the stability of the water quality.

Mr. Gilles Duc also said that in the beginning, La Vie was fiercely competitive in price because many types of bottled water floated at low prices but advertised the quality as pure reputable drinks.

However, after a short time, the smart customers realized that quality comes with a price, and they return to La Vie to get the quality they need. Compared to other products, the price of La Vie is quite high, but, with the quality of La Vie, the amount is not expensive but it is worth it.

Suppling ABB dry transformers for LaVie - Long An factory

With the selection of modern machinery and equipment to install for the project, La Vie LCC  has trusted to choose ABB brand dry transformers to install for its projects. With extensive experience in the field of manufacturing dry transformers, ABB has continually researched and improved products to meet customer requirements and affirmed its brand position as well as quality. The ABB 1250kVA dry transformer is the first one to be used in Tan An City and is the most modern type of transformer, with many advantages compared to the previous oil transformers used by the plant.

Project details

PROJECT’S NAME   Expand Lavie factory – Long An

ADDRESS   Highway 1A, Ward 4, Tan An city, Long An.


FINANCIAL ADVISORY   Tebodin Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Suppling ABB dry transformers (Korea)

  • Engine power: 1.250kVA-IP21 ( TC: IEC 60076-11, EVNSPC-KTSX/QĐ.75)
  • Voltage level: 22/0,4kV
  • Cooling type: ANAF
  • Coil materials (HV / LV): Copper / Copper