LEDs become “green” lights

LEDs become "green" lights

Although the price is about 20 times more expensive than incandescent light bulbs. But LEDs last longer and consume less power, a saving that users begin to realize. Prices are also falling as retailers want to attract customers and manufacturers to improve the technology.

And because the light of the LED bulb is from chips, companies can develop software applications that help users control the light bulb, even changing the color of the light with tablets and smartphones. intelligent. Apple sells a set of three balls, made by Philips, with the hardware controlling them for about $ 200.

Last year, LED sales only increased modestly by about 3% in the interior market, but many forecasts in 2014, sales will increase higher. The most common type A bulb will sell more than incandescent light bulbs in 2014, according to IMS Research, an electronics research firm. And Type A LED bulbs will become the most popular in 2016, reaching nearly 370 million in North America, compared with 33 million last year, the company predicts. Philips sold 20% of its LED bulbs last year alone, according to Ed Crawford, general manager of the segment.

Incandescent bulbs are cheap but inefficient, wasting most of their energy because they generate heat when electricity is applied to the filament to brighten them. The government has been calling users to choose other technology for many years, in addition to creating barriers to the manufacture and import of inefficient bulbs. Previously, the emergence of compact fluorescent light bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs was quickly faded, because users were dissatisfied with the coarser light quality, the bulbs gradually warmed up, making it difficult to do. dimmed, and moreover contain harmful materials. LED bulbs are more expensive, but offer better light and adjustable brightness. And thanks to retailers launching heavy marketing moves, their customers began to discover the appeal of this line.


Oil LED bulbs cost $ 25 or $ 30, and their lifespan can last from 9 to 10 years, says Tariq Syed, an electric store worker, and they are safe for the environment. Manufacturers rushed into the market, the price of LED bulbs quickly dropped. Home Depot store chain sells a bulb equivalent of 40W about 10 USD. “Most manufacturers are introducing solid new designs,” said Jim Crowcroft, vice president of market development for TCP, a Cleveland-based company specializing in producing high-efficiency light bulbs. Although the company is still selling compact bulbs, growth in the industry has slowed, while demand for LED bulbs has skyrocketed, he said. “In the long run, solid bulbs will dominate all lighting applications.”

For manufacturers, LED bulbs are posing a new challenge. its create higher margins, but its have decades of life, people will buy fewer bulbs. The energy news agency forecasts total lamp sales will drop to nearly 40% by 2015, to less than 1 billion compared to 1.52 billion bulbs, and continue to drop to 530 million bulbs by 2035, with a market share of LED bulbs increased steadily. Therefore, many companies are competing to make their brands more popular.

Source : Internet/sgtt.vn

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