TMC Transformers

TMC Transformers

Type: Dry type transformer
– Standard: IEC 60076-11.
– Type of installation: indoor and our door (with enclosure IP)
– Frequency: 50Hz (60Hz)
– Phase: 3 phases.
– Capacity: up to 52 MVA
– Primary rated voltage: 35kV; 22kV; 15kV; uo to 25kV
– Secondary rated voltage: 0.4kV;6kV; 11kV (on request)
– Off-Load Tapping on HV Coil : ±2×2,5% (on request)
– Vector Group: Dyn 11 (on request)
– Type of cooling: AN hay AN/AF, AFWF, AFAF, WF
– Insulation Class (HV/LV): F/F, H/H
– Average Winding Temp. Rise (HV/LV:100/100 (K)
– Winding Material (HV/LV): AL or Cu.
– Ambient Condition ( Max/ Min/Yearly average/Daily): 40/-25/20/30oC (C2).
– Altitude: ≤ 1000 m
– Environmental Class: E2
– Fire Behavior Class:F1
– Climatic Class: C2


    Cast Resin Technology- Key Points & Advantages

    • Generally MV insulation system
      <52kV and ratings <25MVA
    • Combination of Cast Resin and Foil winding offers
      the ultimate in terms of dielectric performance
      and short circuit withstand.
    • Winding in either Aluminium or Copper
      – No technical difference.
    • Available in Class “F” (155°) or Class “H” (180°)
      resin systems.
    • Axial air cooling channels ‘cast’ into coil for improved cooling and economy for ratings > 5MVA
    • Selected LV applications
      for Heavy Environmental pollution

    VPI Technology- Key Points & Advantages

    • Generally LV insulation system
      < 7.2kV and ratings < 20MVA
    • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
    • Processed in vacuum chamber – Resin initially introduced under vacuum and then placed under positive pressure to improve impregnation
    • Class “H” (180°) thermal class material and axial cooling channels provide economical solution.
    • Specialist Application Designs < 24kV
    • Winding in either Aluminium or Copper
      – No technical difference.
    • Perfect solution for low voltage transformers
      and inductors
    • Flame Retardant materials


    Environmental protection

    No fire (unblameable)

    Easy installation

    Maintenance free



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