Load Break Switch (LBS)

Load Break Switch (LBS)

1.Rated voltage: 24kV -36kV

2.Rated power-frequency withstand voltage 50Hz 1Min (kV r.m.s.):

– To earth and between phase: 50 / 70 kV

– Across the isolating distance: 60 /80 kV

3.Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak value):

– To earth and between phase: 125 / 170 kV

– Across the isolating distance: 145 /195 kV

4.Rated current: 630A

5.Short-time withstand current: 20kA/3s

6.Peak value: 50kA

7.Breaking capacity:

  • Mainly active load: 630A
  • Closed-loop circuits: 630A
  • Line-charging breaking current: 50A
  • Cables-charging breaking current: 50A
  • No load transformer: 6.3A

8. Protection degree: IP67

9. Altitude: <= 1000m

10. Ambient temperature: -40 to 60 °C


    The movable contacts are set up on the insulated rotary shaft, inside the stainless steel body. The fixed contacts are mounted on a polycarbonate support. The system is in keeping with the IEC Standards annex EE, relating to sealed pressure systems. The metal casing is equipped with a safety valve, which ensures safety in case of failure due to overpressure of the container; the pressure is constantly monitored by a proper manometer assembled inside the operating mechanism and visible from the outside. The rotary motion of the shaft is made by an operating mechanism placed on the front. The switch has two different positions: close and open, with an effective locking system that prevents incorrect operations. The switch IM6-PM series doesn’t require maintenance even if installed in harsh climatic conditions such as saline and corrosive environments, snow and ice.

    The on-load outdoor switches IM6-PM series can be installed on the top or along the pole; they are employed for the disconnection of overhead lines. The particular design and the possibility of applying a motorized control make it interfaceable with the most modern automatic systems for the remote control


    Easy installation and operation

    Safety product with type tested

    Scada integrated (option)

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