Power Xpert UX

Power Xpert UX

  • Up to 24kV, 36 kV, 25 kA/3s, 2500 A busbar, 2500 A feeder
  • Impulse withstand voltage: 125kV
  • Power frequency withstand voltage: 50kV
  • Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Metal-Clad design.
  • Single-busbar System
  • Air-insulated and Solid insulated system
  • Rated short-time withstands current, 25kA/ 3s, 31.5kA/3s
  • Internal arc classification AFLR up to 31.5kA
  • Degree of protection: IP4X (IP41, IP42 or IP44 as an option)
  • Loss of service continuity category: LSC2B
  • Partition class: PM
  • Standard color: RAL 7035
  • Rack-in, rack-out operations of the circuit-breaker truck with the high-voltage door closed.
  • Factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear according to IEC 62 271-200.
  • Interlocking between high-voltage door and switching device.



    Basic Design

    The construction of Power Xpert UX is modular by design. It is custom built to meet your project specific application parameters and has a broad set of features that can be tailored to meet your performance, reliability and safety requirements. The design draws on Eaton’s extensive experience in insulation technologies, combining cast resin insulation and fully insulated busbar systems


    Highest loss of service continuity classification (LSC2B)
    Safety of personnel is critical, including during installation and maintenance. The ability to work on an installation without switching off the power to maximize uptime is defined as
    “Loss of Service Continuity” (LSC). It describes the extent to which the switchgear and control gear are allowed to remain operational in case access to a main circuit compartment is necessary.
    The Power Xpert UX has the highest classification, LSC2B, as standard. This rating indicates that it is safe to open the switching device compartment when the cables and busbars are energized.

    Fully insulated and isolated design
    Power Xpert UX utilizes insulating medium throughout the high-voltage current path to create and ensure arc free zones. This increases the lifetime reliability of the system as well as to ensure
    a safer environment under maintenance.

    SF6-free design
    The combination of vacuum interrupters for switching, cast-resin technology and clean air as the isolation medium ensures that the Power Xpert UX is an environmental friendly system. Without SF6 gas, plant maintenance and operation is simplified and costly administration, SF6 gas management and end of life disposal costs are minimized.

    Vacuum circuit breaker technology
    By designing a simple and efficient low energy spring charged mechanism with the minimum possible number of parts, the maintenance requirements normally associated with this type of
    mechanism are minimized. The W-VACi breaker is virtually maintenance-free.

    Vacuum contactor technology
    Developed with cutting-edge technologies, Eaton’s withdrawable type vacuum contactor switching devices are world leading in terms of performance, safety and functionality. With a mechanical life up to 1,000,000 operations contactor switching devices are used in frequently operated loads and harsh environments.

    Fully withdrawable voltage transformers
    Fully withdrawable voltage transformers with shutters are available for safe operation under live conditions.

    Busbar system
    The Power Xpert UX busbar system is fully insulated along its entire length with molded supports providing segregation of the busbar chambers to adjacent panels. This ensures maximum integrity and provides a virtually maintenance-free busbar system.

    Harsh environment protection
    In areas where high-voltage switchgear can be exposed to harsh environments, solutions are available to avoid or minimize the impact to electrical current carrying components

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