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    Gas-insulated switchgear for secondary distribution systems

    • Up to 24 kV
    • Up to 25 kA(17,5kV) and  20kA ở 24kV
    • Up to 630 A
    • Metal-enclosed
    • Climate-independent
    • Maintenance-free
    • Individual panels and block versions
    • No gas work at site
    • Fast and easy to install


  • LBS Treo tru

    Load Break Switch (LBS)

    1.Rated voltage: 24kV -36kV

    2.Rated power-frequency withstand voltage 50Hz 1Min (kV r.m.s.):

    – To earth and between phase: 50 / 70 kV

    – Across the isolating distance: 60 /80 kV

    3.Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak value):

    – To earth and between phase: 125 / 170 kV

    – Across the isolating distance: 145 /195 kV

    4.Rated current: 630A

    5.Short-time withstand current: 20kA/3s

    6.Peak value: 50kA

    7.Breaking capacity:

    • Mainly active load: 630A
    • Closed-loop circuits: 630A
    • Line-charging breaking current: 50A
    • Cables-charging breaking current: 50A
    • No load transformer: 6.3A

    8. Protection degree: IP67

    9. Altitude: <= 1000m

    10. Ambient temperature: -40 to 60 °C

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    Power Xpert UX

    • Up to 24kV, 36 kV, 25 kA/3s, 2500 A busbar, 2500 A feeder
    • Impulse withstand voltage: 125kV
    • Power frequency withstand voltage: 50kV
    • Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz.
    • Metal-Clad design.
    • Single-busbar System
    • Air-insulated and Solid insulated system
    • Rated short-time withstands current, 25kA/ 3s, 31.5kA/3s
    • Internal arc classification AFLR up to 31.5kA
    • Degree of protection: IP4X (IP41, IP42 or IP44 as an option)
    • Loss of service continuity category: LSC2B
    • Partition class: PM
    • Standard color: RAL 7035
    • Rack-in, rack-out operations of the circuit-breaker truck with the high-voltage door closed.
    • Factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear according to IEC 62 271-200.
    • Interlocking between high-voltage door and switching device.


  • Xgis

    Power Xpert XGIS

    • Rate voltage: 36/38 kV
    • Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage : 170 kV
    • Rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage: 80 kV
    • Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Internal arc class: IAC -AFLR
    • LSC: LSC2B
    • Earthing circuit: 31.5kV/3s
    • Busbar: 1250A, 2000A
    • Rated normal current for circuit-breaker feeders: 1250A, 2000A
    • Rated short-time withstand current: 31.5kA/3s
    • Rated short-circuit breaking current: 31.5kA
    • Rated peak withstand current: 82kA
    • Number of short-circuit breaking operations: 30 times
    • IP: 65
    • Gas-insulated
    • Hermetically enclosed
    • Factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear according IEC 62 271-200


  • Novai

    Recloser Eaton Nova

    This specification describes the features and ratings of the NOVA recloser. The NOVA recloser shall be a three-phase electronically controlled recloser suitable for pole or substation mounting. It shall utilize shatter-resistant outdoor cycloaliphatic epoxy encapsulated axial-field vacuum interrupters. Current sensing shall be provided by three internally encapsulated current transformers. The NOVA recloser shall be available with optional Internal Voltage Sensing. The Form 6 or Form 4D electronic control, coupled with the NOVA recloser, constitutes the NOVA recloser system.

    • The Quality Management System shall be ISO 9001 Certified.

    The NOVA Recloser shall be designed and tested in accordance with the following standards as applicable:

    IEEE Std C37.60™-2003 standard – IEEE Standard Requirements for Overhead, Pad-Mounted, Dry Vault and Submersible Automatic Circuit Reclosers and Fault Interrupters for Alternating Current Systems

    ANSI C37.61-1973/IEEE Std 321™-1973 standard – IEEE Standard Guide for the Application, Operation, and Maintenance of Automatic Circuit Reclosers. 

    ANSI C37.85-2002 – American National Standard Safety Requirements for X-Radiation Limits for AC High-Voltage Power Switchgear.

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    RMU Xiria 24kV



    Rated Voltage up to 24kV

    Rated Current up to 630A

    Rated Short circuit withstand current up to 20kA/3s

    Internal Arc Current 20 kA

    Internal Arc Class (IAC) AFLR

    Loss of service continuity: LSC Class LSB2B

    Partition class: PM

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    Air-insulated switchgear for secondary distribution systems

    • Rate voltage: 24 kV
    • Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage : 125 kV
    • Rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage: 60 kV
    • Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Internal arc class: IAC -AFLR
    • LSC: LSC2B
    • Busbar: 630A, 800A, 1250A
    • Rated normal current for feeders: 630A
    • Rated short-time withstand current: 25kA/s
    • Rated short-circuit breaking current: 25kA
    • Rated peak withstand current: 62,5kA
    • Metal-enclosed.
    • Single busbar.
    • Air-insulated technology combined with a gas-insulated switching function.
    • Factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear according to IEC 62271-200


  • Uring


    URING Series Complete SF6 Gas Insulated Metal Enclosed Modular and Compact Switchgears (RMU) with its increased functional properties and minimized dimensions can be used in today’s advanced MV secondary distribution systems.

    The RMUs suitable to use in SCADA systems are operated with Puffer system (directing the SF6 gas directly on the arc). RMU offer a unique solution to the user with its remote opening closing property even without the motor provided that the mechanism is installed previously. The RMU offer smart solutions to the user due to their compact dimensions and increased safety properties in a metal or concrete kiosk type substation in the MV secondary distribution systems.

    • Rated 36 kV.
    • Up to 21kA.
    • Up to 630 A.
    • Single busbar.
    • Type-tested.
    • Metal-enclosed.
    • Climate independent.
    • Maintenance-free.
    • Individual panels and block versions.
    • No gas work at site.
    • Fast and easy to install.