Recloser Eaton Nova

Recloser Eaton Nova

This specification describes the features and ratings of the NOVA recloser. The NOVA recloser shall be a three-phase electronically controlled recloser suitable for pole or substation mounting. It shall utilize shatter-resistant outdoor cycloaliphatic epoxy encapsulated axial-field vacuum interrupters. Current sensing shall be provided by three internally encapsulated current transformers. The NOVA recloser shall be available with optional Internal Voltage Sensing. The Form 6 or Form 4D electronic control, coupled with the NOVA recloser, constitutes the NOVA recloser system.

  • The Quality Management System shall be ISO 9001 Certified.

The NOVA Recloser shall be designed and tested in accordance with the following standards as applicable:

IEEE Std C37.60™-2003 standard – IEEE Standard Requirements for Overhead, Pad-Mounted, Dry Vault and Submersible Automatic Circuit Reclosers and Fault Interrupters for Alternating Current Systems

ANSI C37.61-1973/IEEE Std 321™-1973 standard – IEEE Standard Guide for the Application, Operation, and Maintenance of Automatic Circuit Reclosers. 

ANSI C37.85-2002 – American National Standard Safety Requirements for X-Radiation Limits for AC High-Voltage Power Switchgear.


    1. Maximum Design Voltage: up to 38kV
    2. Basic Insulation Level: up to 170 kV
    3. Power Frequency Withstand: 70kV (Dry), 60kV (Wet)
    4. Short Circuit Current, Symmetrical: 12,5KV.
    5. Making Current, Asymmetrical Peak: 31KV.
    6. Cable Charging Current: 10A, 25A, 40A.
    7. Mechanical/Electrical Operations Without Maintenance (C-O): 10.000 times.




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