• Type: Cast Resin Dry
  • Standard: IEC 60076-11.
  • Installation: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz (60Hz)
  • Rated phase: 3 phase.
  • Rated capacity: from 200kVA to 50MVA
  • Rated HV: 35kV; 22kV; 15kV; up to 52kV
  • Rated LV: 0.4kV;6kV; 11kV 
  • HV tapping: ±2×2,5% 
  • Vector group: Dyn 11 
  • Cooling method: AN or AN/AF
  • Insulation class (HV/LV): F/F.
  • Average temperature rise (HV/LV: 100/100 (K)
  • Winding material (HV/LV): Aluminum hay Copper.
  • Ambient Temp (Max. / Min. / Year / day): 40/-25/20/30oC (C2)..
  • Altitude: ≤ 1000 m
  • Environmental class: E2
  • Fire resistance class:F1
  • Climate category: C2


    The GEAFOL Neo –overview of features and advantages
    • Innovative clean design
    • Power range up to 4 MVA and voltages
    up to 36 kV (medium-voltage) or 1000 V
    • Variants available for converter operation
    (on request)
    • Mechanically reinforced designs available
    (on request)
    • Up to approx. 10% lower weight
    • Up to approx. 40% increase in power
    possible through forced-air cooling
    • Proven GEAFOL technology and quality
    • Optimal combination between size and power
    • Certified in accordance with VDE 0532/IEC
    60076-11/DIN EN 60076-11
    • Loss-optimized designs taking into account
    Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC for installation
    within the European Economic Area
    • Climatic Class C2, Environmental Class E2/E3,
    and Fire Classification F1
    • Maintenance-free windings embedded in
    moisture-proof, fire-resistant, self-extinguishing
    insulating material that is suitable for the
    • High electrical safety thanks to foil winding
    • HV winding free of partial discharges
    (< ambient noise level) up to twice the rated


    Built-in safety
    The coils of the GEAFOL Neo’s high-voltage winding are manufactured
    from aluminum foil. This foil winding combines simple winding
    techniques with high electrical safety, because its insulation is
    subject to less electrical stress than other types of windings. In the
    case of a conventional round-wire winding, the turn-to-turn voltages
    amount to double the voltage between layers. In the case of a foil
    winding, however, no more than the simple turn-to-turn voltage
    occurs because each layer consists of one turn. The result is great
    power frequency voltage strength and impulse strength. In addition,
    the epoxy-resin vacuum casting of the high-voltage windings is
    performed at a high temperature, which avoids hazardous entrapped
    gas and allows for a high level of freedom from partial discharges up
    to twice the rated voltage. A high level of process expertise guarantees
    excellent product quality as reflected in, among other things, an
    excellent MTBF (meantime between failure) Index.
    Reliable design
    The conductive material for the low-voltage strip winding is also
    made of aluminum, with the width of the aluminum strip practically
    equivalent to the length of the coil in order to considerably reduce
    the axial short-circuit forces in the transformer. It’s these characteristics
    that make the design of the GEAFOL Neo possible. The conductive
    and insulating materials are bonded to each other by heat treatment
    and form a compact unit that also reliably handles radial forces.
    The ends of the windings are encapsulated in resin.
    Using vacuum switches with GEAFOL transformers
    Transformers are the key operating elements at hubs in the
    distribution system. Switches must control the switching of
    distribution transformers reliably and safely, with no need for
    overvoltage protection.
    An important parameter in transformers is the magnetization
    current, one of the “small inductive currents.” Interrupting these
    currents naturally creates marked transients but no unacceptably
    high switching overvoltages that would pose a threat to connected
    distribution transformers are permitted.
    Extensive trials using a combination of Siemens GEAFOL transformers
    and vacuum switches have proven that the GEAFOL medium-voltage
    windings can handle switching overvoltages with no difficulty –
    providing further proof of their high product quality and operational

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